Monday, 22 May 2017

Need Mood Lighting to Go With Your Music? Ask Alexa. No App Required.

Ikea has made a deal with Amazon for its voice-enabled products, allowing Ikea’s new line of smart light bulbs to be controlled by Amazon’s Echo speaker.

SEATTLE — Today, most people know Amazon’s Echo speaker as an easy way to play music using voice commands, but the device and others like it are catching on as ways to control light switches, thermostats and other smart home appliances.

Now Amazon has a deal with one of the best known purveyors of home furnishings — Ikea — to make Alexa, the voice assistant inside Echo, more integrated into homes.

On Tuesday, Ikea plans to announce that by this summer, its recently introduced line of smart lighting products can be controlled through voice commands. (Right now, these lights can be activated with an app). The products in the Swedish retailer’s new Tradfri line include light bulbs that work with traditional lamps. Through the integration with Amazon’s products, the bulbs will be wirelessly connected to Alexa so people can instruct the assistant to turn the lights on or dim them in various rooms of a house.


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