Friday, 19 May 2017

How to Keeping Your Website's Content Fresh

It is very important to always add new and fresh content to your website. If your site always stays the same why would people keep coming back? What is there new to learn or what is going to attract them back to the website? Chances are if you don't update your site at least once in a while you will never get repeat visitors. The exception is if your site is like documentation or information about historic data or facts. Web sites like these are not updated as frequently and in some cases not updated in months or years. These type of sites are the rare minority among today's web 2.0 era. If you don't have one of these sites than keep reading because this article is for you.

Even if your site is based on something that cannot be updated frequently you should still add something new that is somewhat relevant. Maybe you can add some fun facts, tips extra articles or even an interactive area. You must have something that will keep your visitors interested, since you worked so hard to get them in the first place you don't want to lose them now do you. Your main material does not always need to change that often as long as you are capable of adding in different ideas than people will want to come back for more.

The amount of updates to a site all depends on how much information you have to publish. If you are running a site that is all about a popular sport, or breaking news, than constant updates are mandatory. Sites like these can and do turn part time hobbies into full time jobs when enough time is put into them.

Many sites do not always follow a set update schedule. Although, you should always have at least some sort rough schedule of when fresh content should be added. No matter the type of schedule, it is important to try and follow it as closely as you can because visitors will get accustomed to it and return during these set times expecting an update. If there is nothing new they may get frustrated and not want to return because your competitors site is more organized and they may will trust with you.


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